The Zia Bond Calculator… an easy to use fixed income calculator designed for Windows users.

Download a summary sheet (PDF)

Download a Demo

Main Screen

When run, the calculator displays the basic functions (above).

Additionals functions may are shown by clicking on the desired tab or not shown by clicking on the Hide tab. The Setup tab allows the user to set their preferences and holiday schedule.

Messages and the current date are shown at the bottom of the screen.

Tax Rates

The Tax tab shows tax related calculations.


The Values tab shows the effect of changing the yield for a series of user defined values. In addition, Modified Duration and Convexity are shown.


The Re-offer tab shows results of adding credits

Bond Calc

The Bond window allows you to enter a description for the bond you're working. You may paste the information from your own source.

Given a CUSIP number, the RTRS link will retreive the trade history information from If you are a Zia Trading user, the bond information is retreived from your security master file.