Zia Trading

Meeting the needs of an a fixed-income desk. It provides…
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  • Trade fixed-income products without manual intervention - minimize errors.
  • Facilitate the flow of transactions and marketing information to the reps - increase sales.
  • P&L and sales on demand - no waiting for your back office to see how you’re doing.

For the Desk

  • Describe the bonds automatically from KIS or Bloomberg.
  • Route offerings to multiple ATS and platforms.
  • See your P&L.
  • Approve trades automatically or manually.
  • Circle an item.
  • Write and manage trades and tickets.
  • View your trade and offering history for any bond.
  • Review sales commissions.
  • View reports on demand.
  • Automatically re-price offerings


With ATS…

  • Publish your street offerings real time and receive orders right in Zia Trading ...  better offerings; more trades!
  • Connect to:  The Muni Center, Knight Bondpoint, Tradeweb Direct, Munibrokers, and PICK

A good trading system would be worthless if not for customer support; and that’s where Zia excels. Our users cite us as having the best level of support among their many vendors.  That’s why our slogan is…

Serving the Fixed Income Securities Dealer

Main screen

For Sales

  • Interact with the system utilizing a browser and your firm’s intranet.
  • View the offerings… by State (for Munis) or Maturity.
  • Full bond descriptions… Better descriptions = more accurate trades.
  • See the numbers… no more guessing about the accrued interest. Tell the customer about the after tax or taxable equivalent yields.
  • Write a ticket… the system checks availability of inventory at each step in the ticket process, thereby minimizing trade problems.
  • Track your orders… No need to call the desk to check trade approval.
  • View your open orders as well as previous trades.
  • See ‘new items’ only…  Print hard copies as needed.
  • Click here for more sales related information.

Web List

For Management…

  • Run reports showing daily transactions.
  • View open orders by Rep/Branch/Region or levels as defined for your firm.
  • Production by rep identifies top performers.
  • Inventory report shows mark-ups… stay in compliance!