Show the offerings, get the ticket… utilizing your firm's intranet.

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Utilizing the firm's Intranet, the system generates an “offering list” of items available for sale to the customer. For each item there is a “Buy” link. The list of available items may be restricted by State (Munis) and Maturity.

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The rep has access to three links; Description, Calculator and the order writing process.  If the security description is clicked, more information about the bond is displayed.  Clicking on the offering price displays the bond calculator allowing the rep to review the calculations allowing the rep to provide more information to the customer including accrued interest and total cost.
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Direct order entry by the sales reps… eliminate the errors created by entering tickets at the desk

Web PreviewWhen an item is selected from the offering list, an order form is presented to the rep (as shown on the prior page). The rep must complete the order according to the rules established by the firm and implemented by the system. When the order is completed, the Preview button is selected.

When preview has been selected, the system generates a preview form, which is returned to the rep for review. If all information is correct (as the rep knows it), the Submit button is selected.

When the Submit form is processed, the information is verified, and an “order number” is generated. This number, along with the information submitted, is returned to the rep. The assignment of an order number indicates that the order has been received into the system's database and is available to the desk for review.

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In addition to the rep accessing open orders, higher levels of management can review orders for anyone under their jurisdiction. This is dependent onthebranch/region/district structure of the rep login file maintained by the system. When selected, the detail of an entered order will be displayed (as shown on the prior page). Orders may be canceled within the day before the firm set "cutoff time". Canceled orders are so indicated on the order report. Clicking on the Order Num. will display a completed trade showning the final numbers and time stamps.

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